CD Release 2017

Album Release:
Infinite Chase / March 2017

Produver:            Vladimir Ivanoff
Label:                    The Muse Alliance
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Press Articles


Fono Forum - Berthold Klostermann

5 out of 5 stars  „For once, this is Oriental Jazz with an emphasis on Jazz.“

SWR2 Cluster  – Martin Hagen

"Haz’art Trio shows heartfelt joy in their play, as well as mutual respect… the CD is not only a benchmark in terms of the repertoire, but also the quality of the recording is outstanding. An audiophile jewel.”

Concerto  - Christian Bakonyi

„On eleven track of this beautiful CD, the oud becomes a real jazz instrument … this is archived through authentic Jazz compositions … elegiac like Charlie Haden’s pieces. The three musicians harmonize perfectly, with a somnambulistic confidence they set out for a musical path that no one else took before.“

BR2 – Cornelia Zetzschke

„The tremendously diverse and surprising album “Infinite Chase” takes the Medieval oud to the present age.”

Soultrain – Gregor Poschorek

"This album lights the inner cinema as if there were no tomorrow. An epic image about interhuman relation, adventure and the great unkown."

Nationaltheater Mannheim – Jan Dvorak

"We say that in their music acumen and talent meet an artistic vision."

Wegotmusic - Lars Christian

“In line with the album title the songs are restless and dynamic with a focus on rhythm. Fadhel Boubaker, Jonathan Sell and Dominik Fürstberger manage to mezmerize their audience within seconds with their sound, which contains skilful improvisations as well as a punchy bass and complex rhythms up to even a breakbeat.”