14March 2017
SWR 2 - Cluster

Martin Hagen (SWR 2) made a nice review of our new Album "Infinite Chase".
For those who can speak german - don't miss it!

SWR 2 - Cluster

27January 2017
Tour Update

We will continue our CD Release Tour this summer!
The following dates are already confirmed - many more will follow!

7.April - Alte Feuerwache Mannheim - Neuer Deutscher Kompositionspreis Haz’art Trio Extended (feat. Jan F. Kurth – Vocals, Steffen Dix – Sax, Jörg Teichert – Gitarre)

1.June- Jazzmusik in Sarnen – Sarnen

2.June - H95 Basel

3.June - Nationaltheater Mannheim „Die orientalische Seite des Jazz“

4.June - Internationales Theater Frankfurt

5.June - Speicher Erfurt

6.June - Kunsthaushaus Hof

19.June - Theaterhaus Stuttgart „Global River“ Haz’art Trio (feat.Mohamad Fityan) & NeckarGanga

4.July - Pflastermühle Ladenburg

6.July - Alte Feuerwache Mannheim – Master Abschluss Konzert „Global River“ Haz’art Trio (feat. Jan F. Kurth – Vocals, Jörg Teichert – Gitarre) & NeckarGanga

7.July - Creole Sommer Ludwigshafen - „Global River“ Haz’art Trio (feat. Jan F. Kurth – Vocals, Jörg Teichert – Gitarre,) & NeckarGanga

9.September - Kulturforum Altrip      

12January 2017
Kreatives Geben und Nehmen
New Article about our New Album in "Mannheimer Morgen"
Many thanks to Matthias Spindler!
09December 2016
CD Release Conzert 4.December
We had a wonderful CD-Release Concert in the  Oriental Music Academy Mannheim.
We invitet these guests:

Jörg Teichert - Gitarre
Steffen Dix - Saxophon
Konrad Hinsken - Rhodes
Peter Hinz - Tabla

Thank you for everybody who shared this incredible experience with us!

18November 2016
Impressions 10.November - Dar Sebastien - Hammamet
16November 2016
Haz'art Trio - Infinite Chase

We proudly present our new Studio Album!

Many thanks to our producer Vladimir Ivanoff and his Label "The Muse Alliance".
The Album can be purchased on the following Website as CD, mp3, wav, flac and aiff.

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CD Release 2016

We recorded our new Album January 2016 in the Studio of Jazzcampus Basel!
The Album was released in November 2016 In close collaboration with our producer  Vladimir Ivanoff (Sarband) and his label "The Muse Alliance".

It is available in CD or DIGTAL (mp3, flac, wav) : "Infinite Chase"

You can also order it in all popular download portals. Here is a small selection:

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"Infinite Chase" Cover