30June 2016
Cd Teaser
A small foretaste of what will come in autumn...
03June 2016
Haz'art Trio - Debut Album Release
Fadhel, getting more mysterious

We recorded our first album by Haz'art Trio in the Recording-Studio of "Jazzcampus Basel"!
We were joined by  Vladimir Ivanoff (Sarband), who worked with us a producer.

The album will be released by hisLabel The Muse Alliance in autumn 2016!

Haz'art Trio will play an album release tour in Tunisia in the end of october and in Germany during november.
The detailed tour dates will be published soon!

20October 2015
Haz'art Trio - 14.10.2015 Paris
Fondation de la Maison de Tunisie


Just look  and listen to our stuff (music/work). Get to know the band members, the band concept and the first album of the Haz’Art Trio. Have fun!


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